Mar 2, 2011


A Grant Brittain shot of the spot.

Us, same spot.

Across the street

I dug up some pictures of what must have been my most memorable skate session ever. Hessu and I were visiting ASR in San Diego and decide to drive to Salton Sea cause we heard of this pool, but had no idea where it was. Needless to say our Neverlost didn't help either. Al we knew was that the pool was on the North shore and our friend Brecht had sent us a google earth shot of the place. We started driving for hours in the baking sun, stopped at some casino in the middle of nowhere, had a burger, won some coins at the slot machine, drove more, got lost, drove more... We eventually found it thanks to what I call our skater's nose. You know, when you feel the spot is in the close. Anyway, it was so hot and there was absolutely no shade but we got to skate by ourselves and the pool was clean. No brooms needed. Then after a while, we realized there was another pool across the street. A square one with so much vert and a tiny trannie. I can honestly saywe sucked ! But had so much fun carving both pools.
We left and drove straight to LAX cause Hessu had to catch a flight that night. I drove back down to Laguna Beach. We must have spent 9 hours in the car (if not more) but it was well worth it. Now the pool is gone.


  1. that was my private place for title page on my blog is the wall at the north shore yacht club at salton sea.... cool blog.