Aug 17, 2010


So here I am back home after a few days in the US of A.
These are a few pictures from ASR and Crossroads, or at least what I thought was worth shooting or talking about.
Loser Machine is a damn cool company and had a killer helmet exhibition going on.
My friend Ryan works at Stance, a real cool sock company. Yeah I hear you : " socks ???". Wel let me tell you, the socks are dope and they have some fucking amazing people to back it up. Check 'em out.
Matix had a 1970 Skylark custom coupe, the exact same I used to have and stupidly got rid off. I think I might have gotten a tear in my eye watching this one.
The skate contest was fun to watch, loads of known and unknown dudes killing the course with Jake Phelps as the most annoying MC you ever heard. Why the hell do people still hire this guy to do the job ? Ain't the Tim O'Connor or SPOT guys much better ??? Seriously ! Check HERE for video of the contest.

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