Jul 31, 2010


My friend Jan came by and had a ride on the sickle today.

Jul 26, 2010


Is this what a political rally looks like in Ukraine ?

"Roaring engines and hard rock music are shaking the Ukrainian city of Sevastopol, where a surprise visitor's ridden in to join in the action. Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin said he enjoyed sharing his passion for steel and wheels. Thousands of bikers and spectators are camping in the city for two days. This year's show is dedicated to the 65th anniversary of victory over Nazi Germany and features war-time motorbikes. A commemoration ceremony will also be held to remember the defenders of Sevastopol. It's the 14th such festival. The city also hosted last year's gathering, which attracted 5 thousand bikers."

Jul 25, 2010

Jul 21, 2010


Ideal surf car this is

Jul 20, 2010


My buddy sent me these pictures from our last visit to Meatball's shop when I was packing my new wheel for the flight back to Europe. Check the amount of cool bikes he's got in there. Wet dream !

Jul 17, 2010


"Blow in her face and she'll follow you anywhere". Oh so true !

Jul 16, 2010


Saw these two bad boys in Hossegor today which is quite rare for this area. Usually when you come across a rod it's all high tech and owned by a bunch of Johnny Hallyday wannabes.

Jul 12, 2010

Jul 5, 2010




Today was the first day I got to ride again after a bit of work was done on the bike. When I kickstarted it, the sound of the bike was so much better than before. I immediatly knew the job had been well done. I went for a ride and the engine runs perfect ! Not even leaking oil anymore ! The new wheel on it looks great too. Next step : chrome "mini ape" bars and "cocktail shaker" mufflers.

Jul 4, 2010


While visiting HELL ON WHEELS I saw this beautiful pre unit chopper. I had seen pictures of it before but damn that thing is a beauty! I am not crazy about the paintjob, but the overall look of the bike is great. Love that early BSA fork on it too (think it's BSA...). Would love to get my hands on something similar one day...

Jul 2, 2010


The wheel has finally happened and is being put on the TR5 at the moment with a few other accessories, replacing gaskets, getting it wired up , placing a generator and battery amongt other details. Should be ready by monday !
So while in the US I saw Meatball from HELL ON WHEELS at Born Free and we talked about what would look best on the bike. He came up with this polished EXCEL rim with a rad spool and an Avon tyre. Can't wait to get it on there. Was kinda sketchy to get it on the plane in my luggage, but it worked out after being nice to the lady at check in.
And by the way, Meatball is way cool ! Had a great time at his shop and couldn't believe how many dope bikes he had around. I'll post some pictures in a few days...