Mar 11, 2010


Last year I was asked by the boys at Makia clothing to take part in their catalog fotoshoot. I didn't mind 'cause the Makia people are really a good bunch and know how to party (hard). Probably the fact that they are Finnish... I was supposed to be shot with my dog Lucky but as soon as I picked him up, he freaked out and ruined the only sample they had for me. It made for a good story and here is what they had to say :
Besides being a marketing manager for Element skateboards, Phil Lalemant is also the proud owner of a dog called Lucky. Lucky designed this one-off and unique piece called The Phil Sweatshirt. It will be sold next week at eBay for charity. Phil wears The “Phil Sweatshirt”, which was a bit earlier a Light Grey Steel Flag Sweatshirt. Pants Element, and so is the shoe lace.

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