Feb 5, 2010


When it comes to punck rock music, I am still a big fan of cassettes. I just love the format, the way they sound, the way we made comps back in the days and came up with (bad) names for 'em. I still have a tape player in my office and a big collection of sick music which I would most probably have a hard time finding on vinyl, or it would cost a fortune to get it.
This one was given to me by my good friend Alex P, in the early nineties. It has some great bands on there ! In those days we were the MDA punx, a crew of skaters hangin' out at the famous "Mont Des Arts" spot in Brussels, Belgium. Skateboarding, drinking and going to punk shows, those were the days! Don't get me wrong, things are still fun, just a bit different...
Alex P aka Mister P becam a sick tattoo artist based in brussels. Check him out : http://www.myspace.com/misteralexp

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