Jan 7, 2010


As any skater above 30 something I am quite nostalgic about the golden age of skateboarding , the 80's ! Don't get me wrong , I think skateboarding is still amazing but I just think those days had it all. If you were a skater then, it just felt more like being part of something underground, something "normal" people wouldn't really understand. I don't think that's the case anymore today with the mainstream direction skateboarding has taken.
Anyway, enough of the bitter old man talk. I was in Rome, Italy with my wife on the last day of 2009 walking around when all of sudden something caught my eye in the middle of a puddle of water. There was what looked like an 80's board upside down in dirty water in the middle of the Forum Romanum, the epicenter of the old Roman empire. Thought it would be a cheap chinese board but had to have a look anyway. When I turned the board around, I couldn't believe I was holding a Santa Cruz - Corey O'brien pro model !!! I hid the board and came back later that night (drunk). It was still there and I took it home to clean it and hang it on the wall.
It happens that this is one of my all time favourite graphics which I never owned! Stoked !
"I might be an adult, I'm a minor at heart" like some minor HC band once said...

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