Dec 22, 2009

USA part 2

After NYC, we went onto LA and OC. Here's a couple higlights of the trip :
-Got to meet Ray Barbee at Johnny's house. There were just 10 of us at the house having dinner, a few drinks and Ray was jamming. Coolest guy on earth by far !!!
-Saw Ricky The Dude, he rode his bike to the office. I'm bummed I didn't get to spend more time with him though... His bike is badass.
-Went to Moore's Cycles and bought new headlight and a Lucas style tail light for the TR5. Keith is dope ! Wise old man with plenty of good advice.
-Just made it to GLORY. Always nice to see what they have on their shelves.

Now time to put those new parts on the TR5...

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